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RNs: We Need Your Help Dec. 17

Healthcare workers deserve to be safe at work. We need your help moving our campaign forward to make workplaces safer for healthcare workers.

Our campaign for a comprehensive regulation around workplace violence for healthcare workers is now in the formal rulemaking process and Cal/OSHA is holding a public hearing on the regulation language. We need all hands on deck to ensure this regulation will be effective in reducing and preventing workplace violence at healthcare facilities.

Cal OSHA Dec 17 2015 hearing

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Workplace Violence Survey

SurveyThe California Safe Care Standard campaign has a survey going on right now that is gathering data about workplace violence in the healthcare industry in California. The survey is critical because it identifies the scope of the problem, the specific types of violence that healthcare providers face, the frequency of the violence, and what respondents want to see in a Cal/OSHA standard to address the problem of violence on the job.  (more…)

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You Can Make a Difference: Sign Our Petition

PetitionSEIU Local 121RN and the SEIU Nurse Alliance of California are working on a campaign to get a Healthcare Provider Workplace Violence Prevention Standard adopted by Cal/OSHA (the government agency in California charged with protecting workers from health and safety hazards on the job). Healthcare workers experience violence on the job at staggering levels compared to workers in other industries. Violence in the healthcare industry is both predictable and preventable and that is why we are pushing for a standard that is enforceable by Cal/OSHA. (more…)


Make Your Voice Heard!

SurveyIf you are a healthcare worker in California, please take this survey on workplace violence to help in making our jobs a safer place to work. The healthcare sector leads all other industries in the number of nonfatal assaults that happen on the job. (more…)

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Share Your Story of Workplace Violence

When people learn that the healthcare sector leads all other industries in nonfatal assaults against workers, they’re generally shocked. When they hear that in 2010 more than 11,000 physical assaults against mostly nursing and residential healthcare workers happened, their jaws drop in utter disbelief. To say that these numbers, as intense as they are, likely don’t touch the tip of the iceberg because of the huge amount underreporting would be an understatement — and that’s why we need your story. Not many people know that nurses are in constant danger at work: we are getting stabbed with pens, inappropriately touched, punched, spit on, scratched, and more.   (more…)

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