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UNAC/UHCP Stands Up for Stronger Workplace Violence Prevention Standards

WPV_PasadenaRallyWe are reposting this piece that appeared on the United Nurses Associations of California/Union of Health Care Professionals (UNAC/UHCP) website. UNAC/UHCP represents over 25,000 registered nurses and other health care professionals, including optometrists; pharmacists; physical, occupational and speech therapists; case managers; nurse midwives; social workers; clinical lab scientists; physician assistants and nurse practitioners. UNAC/UHCP has been one of our strongest allies from the very beginning of the California Safe Care Standard campaign.

UNAC/UHCP members and allies took action before the Cal/OSHA Standards Board in Pasadena on July 16, 2015 to protest recently revised and significantly weakened workplace violence prevention regulations now under consideration for approval by the Board.  (more…)

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Healthcare Workers Rally for Strong Workplace Violence Prevention Protections

Healthcare workers from UNAC/UHCP and SEIU rally around workplace violence prevention at the Cal/OSHA Standards Board Meeting

Healthcare workers from UNAC/UHCP and SEIU rally around workplace violence prevention at the Cal/OSHA Standards Board Meeting

More than 50 healthcare workers from UNAC/UHCP and SEIU, as well as health and safety advocates, attended the Cal/OSHA Standards Board meeting in Pasadena on July 16, 2015, to voice their concerns about the changes that DIR and Cal/OSHA management have made to the draft of the pending workplace violence prevention regulation for healthcare workers. Richard Negri, co-lead of the California Safe Care Standard campaign and Health and Safety Director at SEIU Local 121RN, addressed their concerns to the Board:

Good morning. My name is Richard Negri. I am the Health and Safety Director for SEIU Local 121RN. In February 2014, SEIU Local 121RN and SEIU Nurse Alliance of California petitioned this Board, via Petition 538, to promulgate a comprehensive workplace violence prevention standard for all healthcare workers in the state. (more…)

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Speak Out!

Intimidation MemeThe Cal/OSHA Standards Board will be holding its July meeting in Southern California…and we’ll be there to address the Board about the draft of the workplace violence prevention regulation for healthcare workers that is now before them for consideration.

The leadership of Cal/OSHA has taken it upon itself to significantly weaken language that was developed over the course of five robust public advisory meetings. That draft is now with the Standards Board. The next step is that the Board will review it and turn it back over to Cal/OSHA with their evaluation. (more…)

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Nurses Rally for Workplace Violence Prevention

IMG_6030Nurses rallied in Sacramento today at the Capitol for the tens of thousands of healthcare workers who are attacked on the job each year. Nationwide, more than 19,000 healthcare workers report being assaulted annually, or one every 30 minutes. Nurses shared their personal stories, signed a memorial banner, and pledged to stand together to end the pandemic of workplace violence.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the murder of psych tech Donna Gross by a known violent patient at Napa State Hospital. Nurses who spoke at today’s event said that little has changed since Donna’s death to make the healthcare industry safer.  (more…)

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Workers Memorial Day 2015

DSC_0235Richard Negri, Health and Safety Director at SEIU Local 121RN and Co-Lead of the California Safe Care Standard Campaign, spoke at the Los Angeles Workers Memorial Day Coalition press conference today at City Hall. This was part of the week-long actions around Workers Memorial Day in Los Angeles; on April 29 there will be a rally at 10:30 am at College Hospital Cerritos that is specifically around workplace violence in the healthcare industry. Join us!

Each year on Workers Memorial Day – April 28 – working people around the world remember our co-workers who were killed or hurt on the job and renew our struggle for safe workplaces. (more…)

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Safe Workers Save Lives

Workplace Violence webAs part of the week of action around the annual commemoration of Workers Memorial Day in Los Angeles, healthcare workers, patient advocates, and the community are holding a “Safe Workers Save Lives” rally near College Hospital Cerritos on April 29 to highlight the violence that healthcare workers face on the job every day.

Violence at College Hospital Cerritos and throughout the healthcare industry is widespread. Over 70% of all workplace assaults occur in healthcare and social service settings.

In order to provide the quality healthcare that patients in our communities deserve, we ourselves need to be safe at work. The community is coming out to say the same thing: they deserve quality healthcare “sin peligros” (without danger). (more…)

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Workplace Violence Prevention…It’s Not Rocket Science

SBH-21050-2By Richard Negri, Health and Safety Director, SEIU Local 121RN

Safety isn’t rocket science. It’s about using common sense to prevent something that’s happened – or is likely to happen – from happening (again). Trip over your shoe laces because they aren’t tied? Tie them. Near misses at an intersection where a tree branch obstructs a traffic sign? Trim the tree. Ice on a sidewalk making walking dangerous? Put down some salt. You get the picture. It’s pretty simple stuff.  (more…)

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Healthcare Workers Speak Out About Workplace Violence Prevention Regulation Draft

DSC_0010Healthcare workers represented by SEIU locals across California and UNAC-UHCP packed the Cal/OSHA Workplace Violence in Healthcare advisory meeting on February 5 in Los Angeles to make sure that the regulation the agency is working on will effectively address their needs.

Cal/OSHA heard from more than a hundred of us that, while what they presented as a first draft is good, it needs to include more specific language on bullying. We are in agreement that the regulation must identify the four commonly accepted typologies of violence(more…)

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Looking Back/Moving Forward: Safe Workers Save Lives

February 5 memeBy Richard Negri and Katherine Hughes, RN, Co-Leads, California Safe Care Standard Campaign

When we set out to get a Cal/OSHA workplace violence prevention regulation in place to cover all healthcare workers in the state of California, many people said it would be 10 years or more before we saw anything like that. Some said it was just flat out impossible. Our response then was the same as it is today: We will not only get this done, we will do it in less than 4 years … and guess what? We are right on target! (more…)

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Your Health and Safety on the Job: Who’s Responsible?

Panelists included Phil Hoffman, National Executive Director of Security Services for Kaiser Permanente; Tim O’Connell, Sgt., Alameda County Sheriff Department; Cindy Conner, Lt., Los Angeles Sheriff Department; Rob Newells, Safety Coordinator, Benioff Children’s Hospital, Oakland; and Surit Goldmacher, Retired, USCF Researcher

By Richard Negri, Health and Safety Director, SEIU Local 121RN

There were a few themes yesterday, November 19, at the Cal/OSHA advisory meeting on workplace violence prevention in healthcare, and some were more startling than others. The purpose of these meetings is for stakeholders to publicly discuss what they believe should or should not be in the regulation, a draft of which Cal/OSHA says will be shared by January or February of next year.

The meeting was set up as a panel discussion led primarily by representatives of employer security staff and law enforcement who echoed each other’s sentiment that security is “everyone’s responsibility.” Healthcare workers and workers’ rights advocates repeatedly reminded the panelists and other stakeholders of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, which states that it is the employer’s responsibility to provide a safe workplace for their employees. (more…)

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