“The man was later arrested for assault and murder”

gty_domestic_violence_ll_131104_16x9_992Lisa T., Supervising Nurse 

County Hospital, Prunedale, California, 5.4.15

We had numerous reports about verbal and physical abuse by the husband of one of our patients. The woman’s family reported and our staff – including me – witnessed the verbal threats and pushing. I reported to security and Social Services and was told that we were “causing the problems and encouraging the escalation.”

On the day of our patient’s discharge, my staff member called me to review the discharge instructions with the patient and her husband. The husband continued his verbal abuse and then personally threatened me. I called for a security standby and as we were escorting the man off the unit, he proceeded to strike me repeatedly in the back with their baby’s large car seat.

I was knocked to the ground. The security officer was terrified and froze. I jumped up, looked the offender in the eye, and told him to get in the elevator where he again struck me while exiting and told me he would be back for me.

I continue to have nightmares.

The man was later arrested for assault and murder.

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