“It’s just getting worse and worse”

stoptheviolenceRisha K., Registered Nurse

Private Behavioral Health Center, Highland, California, 11.11.14

We have a lot of violent offenders from either county prisons or state hospitals that step down into our type of facility, which is a locked behavioral health center.

We’ve had a nurse attacked by a resident at the facility. She was kicked and had her head stomped into the linoleum floor. She now suffers from seizure disorder. We’ve had residents stab staff members in the face and neck with pencils. We’ve had a resident who struck twelve people on different occasions over a two-week period of time before he was removed from the facility.

Another resident attacked two Certified Nursing Assistants in a bedroom. We don’t wear any type of alarm – it’s just us yelling for more staff to assist us. One of the CNAs was knocked unconscious while the other was being beaten on top of the resident’s bed. When another staff member arrived to help, he was struck to the face and had several facial bones broken. Other staff members who arrived were also struck by this resident before he was restrained and the police were called to remove him from the facility.

It could be on a daily basis or more than once a day that a staff member is attacked or it can be a week or so, but we just never know when it’s going to happen and it’s just getting worse and worse over time.

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