SoCalCOSH Supports Workplace Violence Prevention Standard for Healthcare Workers

SoCalCOSH is a Los Angeles-based grassroots coalition of health and safety activists, union and non-union workers, legal professionals, students, and academic researchers dedicated to eliminating hazardous working conditions and promoting healthier working environments through advocacy, direct training, worker empowerment, and coalition building. The organization is a member of the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (National COSH), a federation of 21 local and statewide COSH groups.

In his letter to the Cal/OSHA Standards Board, SoCalCOSH Coordinator Jorge Cabrera writes:

“It is our firm belief that most of the violence in our places of work can be predicted, eliminated or avoided altogether. We strongly feel that Petition 538: Workplace Violence Prevention Standard will go a long way in securing safe and healthy workplaces in the healthcare industry and beyond. With this standard in place, healthcare workers would be better protected and the rate of injuries and fatalities would diminish. Just as important, it would also replace a reactive culture toward serious occupational hazards and replace it with a proactive one.”

Please join us in thanking this amazing organization for its support by clicking here to go to the SoCalCOSH Facebook page.

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