California Safe Care Standard Year-End Roundup

Stop workplace violenceBy Richard Negri, Health and Safety Director, SEIU Local 121RN

We are one year into the campaign to get a comprehensive workplace violence prevention standard for healthcare workers adopted by Cal/OSHA. Over the past year, we have been working on educating, organizing, and mobilizing our members. We have been collecting research on workplace violence through an online survey, personal experiences by way of worker stories, and names of individuals who support the campaign through a petition drive. We have been doing external and internal outreach on both the state and national levels.

With the unanimous support of the 700,000-member strong SEIU California and the national SEIU Nurse Alliance, we are moving forward with the next phase of the campaign, which is to file our petition for a standard with Cal/OSHA.

The California Occupational Safety & Health Standards Board is a seven-member body appointed by the Governor charged with promoting, adopting, and maintaining reasonable and enforceable standards that will ensure a safe and healthy workplace for California workers.

The Board is required to hold open public meetings at least monthly and to permit anyone to address the Board on matters of occupational safety or health, or to PROPOSE NEW OR REVISED STANDARDS. We will likely propose our new standard in February, after which we will have another couple of years of meetings, mobilization, and making sure the provisions of the standard are what our members and allies have spoken up around.

It will be important to get people out to the Board’s monthly meetings to speak about the issue of workplace violence and the need for the standard. You can expect to receive notices of when and where each meeting is well in advance so that you can prepare to be there with us.

There are a lot of other important ways you can get involved with the campaign:

  • Take our online survey about workplace violence
  • Share your story about workplace violence
  • Sign our petition
  • Visit and bookmark our website
  • Like us on Facebook and share our posts
  • Follow us on Twitter and retweet our posts
  • Sign up to join our mailing list

Most importantly, talk to your coworkers about workplace violence and the campaign and get them involved. We need everyone to become activists around this issue.

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